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Rafiki Update – February 2013


Students in the classroom at the Rafiki Academy.


Rev. Nganga in the new computer lab at Rafiki Academy.








As of our July 2012 update, Rafiki Academy had started and was doing reasonably well with three classes (Preschool, Grades 1 and 2), but enrollment was somewhat anemic at about 35 students. The problem was transportation. We didn’t have a school bus that could pick up the students in town (an hour or so walk) to come to classes at the Academy. Thanks to major donations from the Rotary Club of Columbus and First Community Church, the bus became a reality. Enrollment has exploded!

To read more, view Dr. Davis’ February 2013 Rafiki Update here or download to your computer to view.

Rafiki Update February 2012



Fish Farming: the Tilapia Pond

Last August we reported the initiation of the Galantowicz Family Fish Farm, into which had just been placed 1000 tiny Tilapia minnows. They have spent the year feeding on the natural algae in the pond as well as some home grown fish food that is nutrient rich from a combination of commercial feed and local Rafiki nutrients. And look at them now! They are ready for harvest and ready for sale. Hopefully this can become a new source of income for the Ministry.