The Marafiki Children’s Center Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, houses 40 AIDS orphans in a safe and loving environment. In addition to providing housing, food, clothing, and medical care, the Children’s Center plans to offer:

  • a tuition-free elementary school for all AIDS orphans in the district
  • a vocational training center teaching courses such as carpentry, sheet metal work, tailoring, automotive repair
  • an orphanage for children living with the effects of HIV/AIDS
  • a campsite for children living with the effects of HIV/AIDS
  • an HIV/AIDS Clinic providing health care, HIV education and counseling, and a funeral home
  • a full-time social worker for the children living in the Center and for the orphans living in the area who are under the care of Marafiki Global AIDS Ministry
  • a recreation center for the children
  • an income-producing guesthouse for Marafiki mission team members on trips to Kenya and other Mission groups.

An incredible opportunity has come our way! We have been offered a number of acres at a very, very good price near the Marafiki Children’s Center Orphanage in Nairobi. Owning this land means we can expand the Children’s Center Orphanage and give many other desperate children a happy, healthy, productive life. Please help us. We still need $250,000 to complete the purchase.

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