Muziki 2014

One year after the inception of the Rafiki School of Music wonderful songs can be heard playing all over the campus. The children have had the opportunity to take private lessons on guitar and keyboard.

This first year has been a phenomenal success thanks to the efforts of Dean Jesse Henry. Jesse, a Columbus OH professional musician and music teacher, has been instrumental in helping to build the School of Music. “Every child participating has shown improvement and is vocal about how much they love playing music,” says Dean Henry after his recent trip to Rafiki in February.

Goals for the second year are to (1) establish a Rafiki choir that will meet once a week, (2) have the little musicians perform a public recital, and (3) offer affordable small group music lessons, guitar and keyboard, to children paying for private schooling at the Academy. The kids currently involved in the program are thrilled to have an opportunity to play and learn about music.