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A Rotary International Matching Grant involving District 6690, The Columbus Rotary Club, District 9200, and the Nairobi North Rotary Club, spearheaded by Rotarian David Vieira for $17,500 provided for the equipment and supplies to swing the doors open on our Clinic at Rafiki. We were fortunate to recruit Susan Munga, MPH to take the position of Health Project Director and use her considerable project management skills to help Dr. Henry Njenga, Medical Director and Chair of Rafiki Board to get the clinic up and running. The Clinic at Rafiki is the best equipped clinic and laboratory in the region.

Thanks to Rotary funding, basic lab testing including AIDS testing will be available on site. We are also equipped to provide space for expectant mothers  of the region, who would normally give birth at home under suboptimal conditions, to come here with their midwife to give birth. Sterile supplies, and concentrated oxygen will be available for the newborn. Running water and electricity are all hooked up and working. President Joyce Waiyaki, Nairobi North Rotary, and I cut the ribbon for the ceremonial opening.

The final hurdle prior to actually opening for business is Government inspection and approval. Dr. Njenga runs several government clinics in Nairobi, so he knows how to navigate the various regulatory processes to make that happen. The plans are to open the clinic to the general community and charge $0.50 for children and $1.00 for adults. If they can’t pay we will still take care of them to the extent of our ability. The clinic will be staffed by an advanced practice nurse, a practical nurse, and a lab technician 5 days a week. Medical backup will be provided by Dr. Njenga and his wife, both physicians. This staffing pattern is the best in the entire region, and the on-site lab sets it apart. We are applying for some grant support from the Government to assist, and our projections are for the clinic to ultimately be self supporting.

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