When you sponsor a child with Marafiki AIDS Ministry, you transform a life.

You save them from a life lived on the streets and help them turn themselves into happy, healthy children who grow to be educated, responsible, productive adults.

Every dollar you send is helpful. Here are the costs Marafiki bears in caring for these children:

Sending a child to school for 1 year
Lower Primary Kenya Shilling 60,000 ($400)
Primary School Kenya Shilling 69,000 ($460)
High School Kenya Shilling 80,000 ($533)


Sponsoring a child in the Rafiki Orphanage

Food Kenya Shilling 40,000 ($267)
Clothing Kenya Shilling 20,000 ($133)
Medical Kenya Shilling 12,000 ($80)
Other Necessities Kenya Shilling 20,000 ($133)


For more information or to sponsor a child, contact Connie Hieatt.