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Introducing Updendo Clinic Staff

Martin Nyaga (Lab Technologist), Mercy Wandere (Nurse), Amos Kanja (Deputy Administrator) and Reverend John Nganga

Amos Kanja, Deputy Administrator, introduces Mercy Wandere, the Dr. Terry and Barbara Davis Upendo Clinic Nurse, and Martin Nyaga, a Rafiki beneficiary, sponsored for so many years by Overbrook Presbyterian Church, Columbus, Ohio. Martin now works at the Clinic as a Lab Technologist. We have also Sarah who is working in the Dental department. We thank God for how far we have come. We press on in the mission of providing quality healthcare to our Rafiki family and members of the community.

Rafiki Bakery growing rapidly

The Rafiki Bakery has seen rapid growth recently. Together with provision for enough bread for our kids, the bakery products have now gone to local sconesmarket. Our products are now competing with other prominent companies in mini-stores and supermarkets. The team designed a new brand label which is attracting more consumers.

All plans are in place to have a variety of products. We are also intensifying marketing strategies to reach as many consumers as possible. This project has been completely subsidized the bread budget in our institution. Thanks to all who made this project possible.

April 2016 Rafiki Update

  • By Dr. Terry Davis

It didn’t seem quite right to be at Rafiki without John Nganga, the founder and CEO of Rafiki whose original vision and constant “pressing on” for 18 years has Rafiki photo 1been the underpinning of the entire project. However, we are so grateful that
his health is holding up with the help of a skillful medical team, a dedicated wife and family, and the Grace of God. God willing, John is currently planning a return to Rafiki this summer. For this trip, John’s cousin Eston Kihara had been here for several days when I arrived, and represented John for the many events we had packed into a few days. Eston has just become a member of the US Rafiki Board.

Click here to download and read Dr. Davis’ full report.

Progress at the Clinic

photograph of wooden desk with laboratory supplies

We continue to find our way forward at the Clinic which is turning out to be a major source of support for the community at large. Our Rafiki kids are really quite healthy and normally don’t require much in the way of medical attention. But the presence of our Clinic in the community with its very well equipped laboratory, a reasonably well stocked pharmacy, attended five days a week by a nurse and a laboratory technician, is a great community resource. The nominal fee of $1 per adult and $0.50 per child has been sufficient, in addition to contributions from donors, to keep it running.

This represents a true “ripple effect” where support of the Rafiki orphanage actually supports the surrounding community in a very tangible way. Having the medications available to dispense at the visit makes it much more likely they will actually get to the patients as intended.