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15 Year Celebration

First ladies of RafikiFountain of HopeSt. Benedicts Dancers1173858_619629184735431_1267703891_nSara playing violinChildren receiving violin donations
Rafiki kids Praise & Worship TeamSam presents his rapp songSam presents his rapp songSt. Benedicts Dancers from FloridaSt. Benedicts Dancers performBishop Nathan and the Uganda Team
Rev. Kate Shaner presents Rev. Dr. John with a giftQuilt PresentationQuilt PresentationQuilt presentationJoyce presents going away gift to Rev. John and FaithRafiki kids with St. Benedicts Dancers
Ohio Team presents art suppliesRafiki Academy teachersRafiki Kenya Staff 2013

15 Year Celebration (Aug 2013), a set on Flickr.

In August 2013 many visitors from the USA along with surrounding community residents joined the Rafiki children and team in celebrating the 15 Year Anniversary of the Marafiki Global AIDS Ministry. There was a grand celebration to mark the momentous occasion.