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NBC 4’s Fourth Video Featuring Us

Two african men inspect an electric generator

NBC 4 has released a fourth video featuring our work! View their previous coverage of us.

NBC4 Features our work!

NBC4 has run a great news story about the Marafiki Kenyan Orphan project. Check out the NBC4 story! There’s a full text article at the link, as well as videos!

“When Rafiki was started in 1998, that is when the HIV and AIDS epidemic was very, very heavy and felt in our country and there were no people who wanted to be associated with HIV and AIDS,” says Amos Kanja, Rafiki’s Project Manager. Thanks to help from Central Ohio, many of these children now have a brighter future.

As Matt and Rachel Mazur stepped off the bus, thousands of miles from their home in Columbus, it felt like a homecoming.

“Honestly, when we all got here yesterday, we were fighting back the tears,” Matt says of seeing the Rafiki campus for the first time in seven years.

On their last visit, the Mazurs wielded machetes to help clear the land. Today, there are buildings with running water, a fully-functioning farm and a primary school full of children.