Girls Dorm: Extreme Makeover

051With the completion of the new First Community Boys Dormitory in 2012, the St. Benedict’s Girls
Dormitory underwent major renovations this year. We’re now in desperate need to furnish the rooms so we can move the girls back into their dorm. We need 13 double beds and 14 single beds along with accessories/bedding to complete the rooms. We are kindly asking for monetary donations to help us furnish the dorm. Thanks in advance for your consideration and generosity in providing shelter to these young children who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Checks made payable to Marafiki Global AIDS Ministry can be mailed to:

Marafiki Global AIDS Ministry Inc.
PO Box 667645
Pompano Beach, FL 33066

Item Description Qty Amount Total (US$)
Mattress Double 13 $70.00 $910.00
Mattress Single 14 $55.00 $770.00
Bed sheets Single 32 $ 7.00 $225.00
Blankets Single 64 $ 8.00 $515.00
Pillow Hollow Fiber 32 $ 7.00 $225.00
Bed sheets Double 13 $10.00 $130.00
Blankets Double 26 $11.00 $286.00
Pillow Hollow Fiber 13 $ 6.00 $ 78.00
Pillow Cases 32 $ 3.00 $ 96.00

The freshly painted and remodeled dorm awaiting for the girls to move back in.

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