July 2012 Rafiki Update

Wedged in between last March’s Rafiki Muziki Extravaganza and next summer’s 15th Anniversary of the birth of Rafiki, this summer’s celebration was intentionally low key, but there was still plenty to celebrate and many milestones to mark.

Big changes at the Clinic

The first notable change at the clinic is physical: the appearance of a second floor. Funding from a grant from the Diocese of Southern Ohio has allowed the beginning of construction of a second floor onto the clinic. This additional space, although originally conceived as a maternity wing, will be initially purposed to provide much needed dental services for the community. We are working on securing the volunteer services of some local dentists to provide clinic time with equipment and supplies being provided by the clinic. This will be a wonderful additional benefit that Rafiki will provide.

To download and read the full report from Dr. Terry Davis, click here.


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